The Digital Fashion LAB: Mixing fashion, apps and new technology
Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of April 2013. Share: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit

The Digital Fashion LAB: Mixing fashion, apps and new technology

Why a Digital Fashion LAB?

The fashion industry realises the importance of digital technology. It needs developers and designers to help them realise and create exciting digital innovations. They need people like you, developers and designers, to build some amazing things. Numerous digital applications arise rapidly in the fashion world. For example, 3D printing has been used for machine parts, airplanes and even jewellery. Rings or necklaces are already being printed in 3D. Think about what 3D printed fabrics, buttons or zippers can do for the fashion world.

"Today we get more hits from mobile than we do from desktop. Mobile counts for one third of our sales" by @3rdWaveFashion

Digital developers have created many cool apps that help improve the fashion industry. Fashion Explorer is a shopping app with gamification in which people can window-shop anywhere and at any time of the day.
Fashion Dashboard allows comparisons between different brands’ social graphs, including comparing physical store metrics, marketing campaigns, online and social brand metrics, and online consumer sentiment. 

SWATCHit is an app that allows streamlined communication between artisans anywhere in the world and fashion designers in developed countries. Coveted gives brands the opportunity brands to sell their products through shareable tumblr images. By clicking the Tumblr image, users buy the products shown in the image.

Digital innovations can provide a creative way to launch new fashion collections. Can you think of a new idea or application for the fashion world? Together with other people, like fashion designers and brands, but also other developers and interactive designers you’re able think efficiently about these new concepts. Exploring common interests in a LAB soon provokes cross-fertilisation and the realisation of powerful ideas.

What is the Digital Fashion LAB?

Getting inspired by experts, generating innovative digital ideas for the fashion world and connecting with inspirational people. That’s what the Digital Fashion LAB is all about. As a unique forerunner of the European Fashion Hack in June, the Digital Fashion LAB is a stimulation for new digital applications and an opportunity for digital peeps to meet other disciplines.

The Digital Fashion LAB induces collaboration between talented professionals from different segments of the fashion and digital industries to explore new, untrodden paths. The LAB is spent on idea generation, co-creation, collaboration and inspirational interventions. The participants are offered a unique opportunity to explore and experiment their way to an innovative concept. Incentives and examples will stimulate them to bring forward their own ideas to develop them further with others. Feedback and coaching are supplied by mentors.

• How can the fashion and digital world find mutual economic benefit in their working practices in order to remain relevant in a connected world?
• How can digital technologies and games be implemented in fashion branding and marketing? 
• What opportunities do virtual showrooms, 3D-printed dresses and online shops offer for the fashion industry?
• Which applications can you mobilise to build solid and lasting customer relations? 
• How does fashion appear in the various game genres that are currently available in the market? 
• Pushing back frontiers and ‘thinking out of the box’ are encouraged.

Who should come? Game developers, app developers, software developers, interactive designers, anyone active in a digital agency and ambitious students. Fashion designers, retailers and brands.

May 18th, London College of Fashion

Fee: £25 (ex VAT)
Students: £10 (ex VAT)

Participants should register by booking via Eventbrite.

The Digital Fashion LAB is organised by iDROPS and the Fashion Digital Studio at the London College of Fashion in collaboration with KTN Creative Industries and Shareplay (DK).

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